European Researchers’ Night 2022 – Science For All

On the 30th of September 2022 I presented my research and the wider theme of environmental impacts of wood and its carbon footprint to the public (school children and international students) during the Marie-Curie funded Program European Researchers’ night.

My presentation was part of the visits to the InnoRenew Centre of Excellence, where the visitors toured the institute and got to know the characteristics of the building, the work undertaken in its laboratories and the research focus of the institute. We hosted approximately 140 in approximately visitors.

The presentation tackled various aspects of carbon: its’ importance for living systems, the cycle in the environment, the imbalance of carbon dioxide caused by anthropogenic emissions and the consequences of CO2 concentration rise in the atmosphere. In this context, woods’ ability to store carbon in the long run as well as the potential substitution of fossil-intensive materials such as concrete or steel was highlighted, including a demonstration of the samples.

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